Stuck within this eternal void of you, I attempt to turn my words into poetry. Countless times have I attempted to let go, and to rid myself from the thought of you, yet my attempts have reached failure.

It seems as if the further I move, the closer you become to me for your presence haunts me every waking hour and day.

It is something to think that you are strong, yet to know you are weak. Deep down, hidden behind all our bravado and masks we are all weak and on the brink of snapping. Why is it that this world we are living in is so filled with continuous anguish and blackness that I still find myself sheepishly and disconsolately putting on my clothing each morning dreading the new day? I aspire to feel, for I aspire to be strong again.

As humans we are all waiting for something to happen. We wait for a job to find us, we wait for someone to say I love you, and we wait for each day to come to an end. Through this process of waiting, we begin to lose more than we can observe. What I have found is that there is no purpose to waiting for the mind or heart to mend, for you cannot live your life in this sense of continuous anguish and turmoil until you reach a pitfall.

We wait for happiness, we wait for love. 

We wait for contentment and we wait for an answer from above. 

We  cannot stand idly by. Why stand frozen in a single square when there are many more to conquer? Of course I cannot tell anyone to let something go (especially since I cannot take that advice myself),but what I can tell you is to let yourself go. Let yourself go into a new world. Let yourself be freed from the lockdown you have created. I continuously write about how we wear our memories on us like scars, for each scar has a story and an underlying purpose: To cover a wound.

Do not just cover your wounds, patch them. Remove the knives from your back, and pick up the fallen pieces of your heart. You may not be okay, but at least you can try to be.

Never in life will you find that sitting dormant fixes anything. Take the chance and solve your own problems for no one else will do it for you.

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