Love at your disposal.

Love within the city seems to be more of a myth than Santa Claus. It seems as if we are all running in circles looking for “the one” that we seem to miss the true point of it all. Every day as you walk down the city scape, you pass hundreds of potential suitors waiting to meet you yet we are all  blinded by this image of “perfection”  in which we aspire to attain. It is crazy to believe how difficult it is to meet someone, when we are surrounded by hundreds of singles daily.

When we close our eyes and visualize our potential suitor, we tend to create this image of utter perfection that the possibility of filling this mould is minimal. As modern youth, we tend to find our lovers through a Gatsby mindset. We may take a keen interest in someone who is seemingly perfect, but through shaded eyes we only see the qualities in which fit the idyllic being in which you created. The awful part of this scenario is that through our shaded lids, we tend to miss people who might actually be better suited for ourselves within the long run.

In this modern day and age we have apps at our disposal like Tinder or Grindr to find love. There is no need to search for a suitor for all possible singles are at the tip of your finger. I think it is the process of meeting other people that enables our psyches to get over someone else. I have received  many messages about this idea of getting over someone and advice on how to do it, yet I honestly have no idea how to answer that.

In terms of getting over someone, all you need is time. It is through time that you are able to move on with your life and find someone new. Of course the memories you have had cannot be forgotten, but time provides an ample opportunity to find and create something new.

I would never tell anyone to forget about a failed love, for sometimes the most vile of creatures contain their own form of beauty. It is through these people and the memories you have created that you grow stronger as a person and are able to move on to something new.

When searching for love, I leave you with this: Keep your eyes and mind open, for what you are looking for in terms of personality may not necessarily reflect the image of the suitor in which you have created.

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  1. sissin88 says:

    I love this! I have been thinking a lot about similar things here lately. It is nice to somebody out there has a similar mindset. It gives me hope when I have been feeling a bit hopeless looking around at the people I have been most recently surrounded by.

    1. kyemack says:

      Thank you for your kind words! We are built up by the people we surround ourselves by, and it is through this act of association that we are given the chance to examine our surroundings.
      I am glad you were able to relate to my posts! Hope is a fiendish feeling that can often lead us down different paths. Always remember that the hopelessness you feel is merely just an emotion. It can go away just as quickly as it came.
      All the best!

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