The polygamous Pinky: The tale of how my creepy roommate began to hit on my friends.

The creep scale has hit an all time high as my incredibly odd roommate Pinky has decided to hit on Witt. Meeting Witt at my annual Violentine’s Day Party, Pinky has taken quite an interest in her.

Pinky is apparently in a relationship with not one woman but two, and is clearly looking for another. Some people are okay with seeing multiple people, but I am definitely not, especially when it is my best friend. This next chapter deals with the polygamous Pinky who is attempting to woo a girl who likes another girl.

I am not sure if I am the only person who sees a problem with this, but I find it incredibly weird and inappropriate that my creepy roommate has decided to hit on my best friend. The fact that Pinky is aware that Witt is semi with another girl makes this situation all the more incongruous. What is quite odd to me is that Pinky took the time to find Witt on Facebook without any connections to her whatsoever. I do not have Pinky on Facebook, and neither do any of my friend…Pinky clearly spent time searching.

I am not sure what it is with some guys, but I do not in any possible mindset see how it is OKAY to be in a relationship with multiple people at the same time. In what world does this situation present itself as a healthy and stable relationship?

This time, Pinky has crossed the line. Not only is he a crazy loud snorer, but he is also apparently a seemingly creepy and disgusting man hoe looking for “fun” with other woman. Call me old fashioned, but I do not find it OKAY to cheat on your partner (or partners in his case) just because you are looking to meet other people. If you are not happy in your relationship, break up with them. Simple as that.

With Brit heading back to England, my condo will be inhibited by just Pinky and I. Clearly the next few months are bound to be interesting.

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