Coincidental Epiphanies.

Walking home from my own little day of relaxation, I walked past the local church. Being exactly 5:00 when I walked by, I thought that I might as well walk in and stay for the mass.

I am not a particularly religious person, for I am usually terrified of combusting into flames upon entry onto holy ground, but for some unknown reason I felt at ease while walking into this church. Sitting down and listening to the mass, I surprisingly took away a lot from what the priest was speaking of.

The priest was stating that the lives we are living now do not define us. For no matter how many mistakes we had made within the past, we can always be forgiven.

I felt enlightened, for what the priest was saying was in direct correlation with my life. I personally have a problem with judging others based on their past,  (I am well aware that this is not a very favourable quality to have) but I feel as  if I have finally had an epiphany regarding this issue.

I realized that the past is the past, and there is no use in judging others based on that. I have no right to judge anyone for what they have done, just as no one has the right to judge me. Life is an endless abyss of twists and turns, and no matter the situation, we need to make sure that we are just happy living the life we have, for no one should tell you differently.

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