The Nightmare

The proverbial bridge had burned, but one question remained: Could we be salvaged? The charred ash of fundamental stability was holding onto the remaining beams that kept us together.

A Commuters Past

The fact was this: people don’t change, they become stealthier at hiding their true selves. A cloak of decadent and distracting colors if you will.

Fundamentally indifferent

Who was Xavier? The ambiguity played connect the dots with the rain drops as they formed on the window pane. Through fogged covered glass and an autumn palette decorating the landscape, I stare aimlessly into the mid-afternoon sky.

More Than an Ending

Closing a chapter and drawing a line through each word, we have come to the final sentence.
Drawn out and exposed, the canvas is stained with the past and discoloured with the search for a future.
I find myself staring blankly into the dark, feeling my jaw unclench and my facial muscles begin to relax.
The sound of the television buzzes in the background as the only light illuminating the darkened room is that of my laptop. The LED light casts a harsh shadow across my face.

The Cave. 

  It is a sullen day. Forsaking the exhausted sun, I walk into the wood. Lilac blooms, birds chirp, and the last rays of sunlight weakly bid the trees farewell. Finding a shaded nook I sit down by a flowing brook and open a book to read. As the hours pass, the scent of the blooming…

End of an era.

It is coming down to be my last week in the apartment. Realizing that this will probably be one of the last times that I sit at my dinner table and look out onto the city, I begin to feel quite sad. This coming week I will be moving out of the big city, and…

Fairytales- The missing link

Have you ever had the feeling deep within your gut that causes such pain and torment, that you feel as if someone is playing jump rope with your intestines? The feeling is brought on by such a low blow of sadness that you feel a punch deep in the gut leaves breathing heavily. I packed…