Fairytales- The missing link

Have you ever had the feeling deep within your gut that causes such pain and torment, that you feel as if someone is playing jump rope with your intestines? The feeling is brought on by such a low blow of sadness that you feel a punch deep in the gut leaves breathing heavily.

I packed my bags and left the city of Toronto for a much needed relaxation break within my hometown of Mississauga. As I sit in my bed and curl up underneath my throw I have opened up the book to look at the fairytales. For those who do not know, the fairytales depict the story of two characters Ogre and Golem.

As I weave the story round in my head, I feel as if I am left pained by what is so blatantly in front of my eyes.

Round and round and round we go, to the fairy tales below. catch it once catch it twice, play the game and pay the price. Golem is rapidly growing and devouring what is left of the lost soul he has latched to. I see the signs upon every turn; for it is all in front of my eyes. Through trickery and thinly veiled posions, Golem has used his powers to control the situation. With Golem in control, the chain has been detached and the Ogre has been set free. Within the delirious nights of the youthful wood, Ogre has found his way into the flux and flow of an already despaired mind. Acting upon his monstrous urges, Ogre has used his strength to control the situation and place his poison into the mind of the un-expecting victim with the use of a kiss. With the poison seeping through the veins, we are left to wonder who is in control; for the situation was brought on through vengeance. Brain waves and ecstasy line the brain for every touch is left to pain.  Lined up like a deck of cards, these creatures lay waiting for the game-maker to take a turn. Eyes are everywhere but only few can see, for we are blind to what the truth can be. The simplicity of a situation can always lead to trouble, for nothing is ever easy when one becomes a double.”

The mystery of the fairytale leaves me with a wandering mind and a thousand questions. The ambiguity of this story is intentional, for there is little that I know at this point as well.

We are all listeners within this fairy tale, for not everything or everyone is who they say.

Selling your soul to the devil is risky; but only if you have one.

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