Deep within a lie.

A recurring theme within my writing is the concept of truth. Truth is a concept in which is expected; yet rarely received. We are taught as children to always be truthful and to not tell a fib, but as we grow older our perception on truth is slowly corrupted. What I have noticed is that no matter the actuality of a situation, everyone seems to mold the truth to their own perspectives.

I am truly boggled why people feel the need to hide the truth and only disclose it partly rather than the whole truth of a situation. It seems as if some people find it easier to provide a half-truth (or their warped perspective) rather than providing the factuality of the matter. Within retrospect, which of these outcomes seems worse: Finding out the whole truth all at once and facing it, it head on, or living with the half-truth and dragging out the inevitable.

In my own life I am wholeheartedly tired of dealing with people presenting me with only half-truths. I am a truthful person and I expect others to provide me with the same respect, is this wrong of me? A common argument that is continuously brought up is that if a question is not asked about a situation, there is no need to tell the truth. If any of my readers cannot see the wrong with this situation, you may need to re-examine your outlook on life. Truth should not just be reliant upon confrontation, for it should come as a natural instinct to provide the whole story no matter what.

I am 100% through with receiving half-truths in my life, for all I expect is the full truth or nothing at all. Living within a half-truth may provide a sense of comfort within the hope provided by the unknowing, but I would rather face truth head rather than living deep within a lie.


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