Rekindling the pieces.

There is the assumption that distance makes two people closer, and I am starting to see the truth of this saying. When there is distance between two individuals the relationship tends to grow stronger for more effort is put out.  A relationship is like a flower, it can grow quickly exposed to the sun and water it, but can die once deprived of its fundamental needs.

What I am facing now is lack of effort. When I think about when things were going well with “Him” in a romantic setting, I think about the fact that he lived many miles away from me. In order to see him, I had to take various forms of public transportation just to pay a visit. Currently, we live less than 175 metres from one another, yet I barely see him. Of course we are simply classified as just friends as of two weekends ago, but a friendship still requires effort. I admit that I was being a dick towards him after being bitter about him seeing other people; yet I finally came to the conclusion as to why. I was jealous, for it feels as if our relationship has changed drastically. Of course I cannot dwell on the fact we will not be the same as we were on a romantic level, but that does not change the fact that he became my best friend.

No matter where you go in life and how far you leave from home, never forget the people that you have left behind. The thing about quality friendships or relationships is that no matter the distance, the reunion is as if you have never left each other.

A great relationship is like a jigsaw puzzle, at the start you will have many that all fit into a certain space. As time goes on some pieces might get lost and misplaced, yet when found…they will still fit like they did at the start.

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