Snoring, Sharkeisha and Rock bottom.

Wearing a buttoned up flannel and an oversized hoodie, I sit in my English lecture completely dead. With the snow falling heavily outside the window, I wish to just stay inside and veg out for the next couple of hours.

As I have said before, I love nothing more than being alone within my condo during the day, but during the night…not so much. A large problem I face has to do with the fact that Pinky snores louder than .32 decibels. Every night as my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes and drift into a peaceful slumber, I am quickly awoken by the loud and obnoxious sound created by Pinky’s soft pallet and uvula vibrating against his throat.

I have tried earplugs, I have tried wrapping blankets around my head, and I have also tried listening to music to block the noise, yet nothing seems to work. I am not very good at confrontation (exactly why I run a blog), which is why I am rather nervous to have the conversation with Pinky about what to do about his snoring problem.

When the option was still available, I used to leave my condo within the early morning hours wearing pyjamas and boots and took the subway up to his apartment to stay the night in order to ACTUALLY get a good sleep. It is unimaginable how ratchet and disgusting I looked at that point, I feel somewhere between Sharkeisha and an un-groomed sloth.

I do not feel that I stressed enough what I did: I took public transportation while wearing pyjamas in public. Clearly this snoring has driven me to rock bottom.

So far within the year: I have been heartbroken twice, I have set foot out in public where pyjamas, Got so drunk that I lost my phone and then got so sick from the alcohol that I threw up all over myself and near surroundings. I have clearly hit rock bottom.

The good thing about hitting rock bottom, is that there is really no way of going lower, it is only heading up from here…I hope.

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