The injudicious bully.

The creation of tea dates back thousands of years ago in the Yunnan China during the Shang Dynasty. Tea was consumed during meditations with the purpose of relaxation, and connecting to ones soul.

I am not sure what it is about drinking a cup of tea late at night that puts me deep into a state of relaxation. As I look out onto the city rooftops outside of my window, I cannot help but lean back in my chair and dream.

I am now lying upon my bed  attempting to piece together the scattered mess I call a brain. I know that with age comes more responsibility, but I never knew it would come with so many problems. It is like as soon as you graduate, you are basically propelled off of a cliff and deep into a crevasse of worries. With list of adult problems growing rapidly, the last thing you want to do is have to face the pitiful and childish act of bullying.

I am a huge advocate for anti-bullying, and I believe that bullying should NOT be tolerated within any form. There is no inherent need to belittle someone, and make them feel as if they are any less of a person that you are. The picturesque bully is a big brute of a child picking on someone less their size, yet a bully can be anyone. I cannot possibly fathom why people feel the need to put others down, for it does not make them any stronger of an individual; it just makes them more of a little fucker who puts others down to feel better about themselves. I have never understood the point of picking out someone’s flaws with the purpose to ridicule and mock. Bullying is typically an act that is usually faced around a younger age, which is exactly why you wouldn’t think that adults would engage in such a woeful act.

I dealt with bullying for a large portion of my life, and it took a large tole on me personally. In order to combat bullying, I learned to accept myself for who I am and to be comfortable with every flaw in which I possess. It was not until I achieved a form of self acceptance that the words these ignorant bitches would say, did not hurt anymore.

If you have never taken any advice from my blog, I urge you to absorb in this one: Never listen to what ignorant bitches say to you. If you are not happy with anything about yourself, you can easily make the change; yet for them, they will always be the same ignorant uneducated twat, who picks on others to raise what is left of their small abysmal egos.

Do what YOU want to do, and be who YOU want to be, and never let anyone tell you differently.


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