Live like a Cockroach.

The cockroach is one of the oldest living species on the planet. With it’s hard shell and rather disgusting outward appearance, the bug is dated back to the prehistoric ages. One may wonder how these bottom dweller creatures have lasted all these years, but the answer is rather simple…change and adaptation.

Within our lives, change is something we will have to deal with on many occasions. The one question that continuously racks my brain is if change is always for the better.

During my life when I undergo a series of unfortunate events, I usually search for a sense of escapism, something to change. The first time I was hurt by “Him” I had my helix pierced, While in the midst of the second time I dyed my hair black. It is these small changes in which provide us with an inexplicable sense of happiness that provides euphoria deep within. It is unexplainable, but I feel as if it can be equated to a snake shedding its skin. We are refining and remodelling ourselves to liberate us out of the funk we are feeling, for it enables us to redesign our lives through minor alternations.

Of course some change is not always favourable, for example a breakup or a loss in your family or friends. However difficult these situations may be, it is through these changes that our strength levels are tested and we truly see just how strong we are emotionally.

Currently I am looking for a change in my life, within the last month I was hurt by a guy, battled a complete mental breakdown, and had to shell out hundreds of dollars for my stupid actions. I am now craving some sense of change within my life that not only provides me with a sense of relief, but a true feeling of happiness. Everyday as I step foot into my condo, all I recall are the superficial memories in which led me to make my move to the city. I crave a change of space and a change of self, but how I do it is the question.

Change can come to us in a variety of forms, and sometimes it may not be favourable…but it is through these changes that we delve deeper into our psyches and become the person we are supposed to be. Embrace your changes and learn to adapt, for it is through adaptation that the cockroach has thrived within its own survival.

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