Fantasy trumps reality.

Within our lives we can decide to live in two worlds: Fantasy or Reality.

I cannot count the amount of times in which I have fallen deeply in love with a fictional character or dreamt of transporting to magical worlds. It may seem crazy, but we all have these dreams and fantasies in which we hope to attain within our lives. Unfortunately for most, real life is not an episode of Gossip Girl, and we do not always attain the most perfect life or  person for us. My dream dates are none other than the fictional Carrie Bradshaw or the dashing Augustus Waters. It is sad to think that we find ourselves so connected to characters in which we will never find in the real world.

The real world is a rather hard place to live in, and I personally find it a sanctuary to live within a fantasy. When it really comes down to it everything in which we hope for is deemed a fantasy. Take into consideration a high school Prom. As a young kid, we dream up this fairytale setting of a pure fantasy, but it isn’t until we experience the event that we realize that the whole thing is terribly lame. It is quite funny how we all dream of these huge occasions, but are severely let down when the actual settings do not equate to our fantasy. The fantastic thing about fantasies is that, through these small fairytales we all are motivated to strive towards the future.

Maybe our lives do not always need to be stuck in a perpetual reality; for without fantasy within our lives, the world would be purely dull. Without the dream of a brighter future and story book ending, we would all be stuck living within this world of hate and negativity with nothing to hold on to.

Keep your fantasies pure and alive, for without them we are nothing more than lost souls in an empty world.

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