End of an era.

It is coming down to be my last week in the apartment. Realizing that this will probably be one of the last times that I sit at my dinner table and look out onto the city, I begin to feel quite sad. This coming week I will be moving out of the big city, and back into the tiny suburb where I grew up. The suburbs. I will be stuck in one big neighbourhood of the same house row by row. I will honestly miss the vastness of the big city, it will be a shock to go back to a place where everyone knows you, and there is little privacy. When you walk down the busy streets of the city, you are just another lonely face walking by on your commute to work, complete anonymity.

It is a well known fact that I did not necessarily move to the city for intelligent reasons, for I moved for what could have been love. I made the move from the boring suburbs into the lively city with the goal of being close to someone…Stupid decision, I know. What originated as a stupid judgement call ended up being just the thing I needed to break me out of my old self. Sure, I faced some tragedy including my massive breakdown and the loss of a few friends, but in the city I found the me I have been waiting to become, and the growth that I want to achieve. Moving in with a roommate was a difficult decision, and it is a decision that I will never fail to regret. Living with Pinky was disgusting, filthy, and dreadful. I lost countless hours of sleep to his loud and obnoxious snoring, but even through all the shit he put me through, I was happy.

I am not the only person undergoing a move today. Today is Witt’s last day living downtown. She has packed up her belongings in her parents car, and they are making their way back to her hometown. It is quite odd to see that Witt is moving back home. All the memories made in her apartment with Nat and I will never be forgotten. All the drunken nights, late night conversations, and countless moments of advice will be remembered for years to come.

It is the end of an era. We have moved out of not only our apartments, but our old selves. We have all found who we are through the city, and it will be quite a challenge bringing our new selves back into our old worlds. This summer is looking to be filled with the interesting task of putting my new self to work in an old town. Surrounded by the faces of my past is sure to dig up some skeletons, but I am ready for the merge.

I have less than a week till I lose my city view, and until I trade the skyline for the lakefront. In only four little months I will be back in the city with Nat and Witt by my side. I would like to introduce to my readers, my new roommates who so happen to be my two best friends.

It may be the end of an era, but from the past we move on to the future.

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