Outbreak of coupledom.

Sitting in a packed club by myself, I feel undeniably lonely. Tonight everyone seems to be in twos, for it is like the outbreak of the couples in here. As I sit at the busy bar I begin to watch the men and women writhing and gyrating on the dance floor. In any other occasion, I would have loved to dance the night away, but it is the aspect of being so hopelessly alone that is seriously killing my vibe.

Being single in a club is probably one of the hardest things anyone can encounter. Usually it is rather easy to meet at least one person while you are at the bar, but for some reason it seems as if all the singles have evacuated the city.

Being called to Witts aid by a party goer, I walk outside to see the damage that tequila has caused to her liver. With “A” by my side, we sit beside Witt and help her through the torture she is currently enduring. Seated with my legs tucked in on the curb, I look to my right to see Nat stepping out of the bar to check up on Witt as well. Taking in the drunken state we all are undergoing, we decided to call it a night. 2:30 am, we hail a cab, for the four of us take back to my condo.

Getting to know “A” over the past few months has been amazing, and I cannot express how grateful I am that Witt now has this person in her life.

Being single is terrible, there is really no other way to put it. In all honesty, I must say that I am incredibly jealous over Witt’s relationship, for I had forgotten how desperately I miss the privilege of having someone in my life that cares so dearly.

With Witt asleep beside us, Nat and I begin talking about the evening. We reminisce on life, and past relationships, and we speak of the future. It came to our realization that the memory of a relationship lives forever in your soul, for after a while you begin to crave the feeling of love to such a degree that you feel it in your bones. Maybe it is the idea of being with someone that sends a shiver through our spine, but it is inherent that we crave affection and attention, that we soon search for ways for our addictions to be filled.

The infection of love seems to be spreading, for it is polluting the hearts of singles everywhere. Get your vaccinations ready, for maybe you will be next.

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