The Waiting Game.

There is a game that everyone plays, and it is called the telephone game.

After going out with someone for the first time, you face the challenge of waiting for them to message or call you. However you do have the option of making the first move and contacting them, but you begin to weigh the options of the two. This game requires a large amount of patience a large amount of time, and an awful lot of self control.

According to Nat, it is best to wait for them to contact you first. I personally have been on the fence with texting a certain individual all day, for I do not want to seem too needy. As I lay on my couch watching Sex and The City, I don’t miss the occasional glance at my cell phone waiting for a text, or a call.

Sometimes this waiting game is rather difficult, for you may want to have a conversation with this person, but you do not want to jump the gun and seem clingy. If they respond to you they could be responded purely out of kindness. If you wait for them to text you first, you know for a fact that you are on their mind.

Is it trivial to play this game? Yes. It is insanely trivial to wait in patient anticipation for a text or call that may or may never come. You can put matters into your own hands and message them first but if you continuously do, you will just end up as another texting buddy.

I honestly find the whole idea quite trivial in terms of waiting, but I should listen to Nat…she usually knows an awful lot about relationships. Key Word: Should. Did I? No. Sometimes it pays off to make the first move, for maybe that person was under the same mindset, and waiting for you to contact them first. Take the plunge and shoot them a message, or wait a while and see how long it takes for them to message you, for it is all part of the waiting game.

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