Deeper Within The Abyss….

Hello there,

My name is Kyle Mack, and I currently reside in the hustle and bustle of Toronto Ontario. As I attend the Radio & Television arts program at Ryerson University,  I have begun to write this blog based off of a variety of weekly assignments in which I have received. Some fun facts about me: I have an immense love for Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced lattes, and anything that has to do with autumn. I worked as a reporter and on camera personality reporting on shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle on both live television on video shows. I also am an avid blogger, andI  love to freelance for various stations and newspapers. Within my spare time, you can find me at a local book store, Starbucks, or at my part time job at Abercrombie & Fitch.

The term “Digital Media” seems to be simply defined as media within the digital world, but does this description run true? I feel that digital media depicts the social world around us, and through the digital world the creator is able to  take an idea and transform it into a form of visual art. Through my Digital Media Production course, I hope to gain a thorough sense of knowledge on the usage of the Adobe Creative Works platform, as well as the ability to see Digital Media through a new and creative mindset.

Most students at this young age of 18 do not have an in-depth knowledge on what area of media in which they will pursue as a career; but With the aid of the Digital Media Production course, students are opened up to the world of  Media and are able to gain a thorough sense of knowledge on technology. I feel that my biggest challenge within this course will be dealing with the new softwares. I have an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop editing, but am extremely intrigued to learn more on the platform and increase my knowledge on the other softwares in which we will be working with.

– Peace and Blessings y’all, enjoy my blog. 🙂


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