Salt Water Taffy & Appreciation Of The Mundane

Salt Water Taffy showcases the direction that I have been wanting to take RW for quite some time, lyrical and imbalanced. I hope that it stirs up the same emotions it brought me while writing. Feel free to like, or share.

Lessons From The Past & Celestial Beings Pt. II

As we move out of the naivety that comes with romance, we often excuse behavior as means to compensate for something missing; both lack of experience and a deficit in understanding. It can be said that we are to live life blindly until we bank up enough experiences to actively learn.


There is something about walking in the city at 7am that is truly calming. With Passenger playing through my earbuds I begin to watch the early morning commuters rush to work. I am stuck again within this state of wonderment as I look at the life in front of me.  Business men and women rushing…

Starbucks Anonymous.

I always find myself seated at my local Starbucks with my laptop on my lap, and a chai latte in hand. I can honestly say that I feel completely at peace when I am here. Maybe it is the music or the delicious drinks, but I feel serene. I do however think the most entertaining…

Deeper Within The Abyss….

Hello there, My name is Kyle Mack, and I currently reside in the hustle and bustle of Toronto Ontario. As I attend the Radio & Television arts program at Ryerson University,  I have begun to write this blog based off of a variety of weekly assignments in which I have received. Some fun facts about…