Starbucks Anonymous.

I always find myself seated at my local Starbucks with my laptop on my lap, and a chai latte in hand.

I can honestly say that I feel completely at peace when I am here. Maybe it is the music or the delicious drinks, but I feel serene. I do however think the most entertaining aspect of my daily Starbucks trips, is the concept of people watching. Starbucks and the subway system have something in common, you seem some rather interesting characters!

As a writer, I find that people watching is a very important thing to do. By acting as a fly on the wall and watching the different interactions between other individuals, you are now enabled to further understand the human psyche and just human behaviour itself.

I find it intriguing to know that these people who are currently surrounding me are living lives completely separate from my own, yet the only interlocking factor in these series of parallel lines governing our lives is the common enjoyment of coffee and a calm atmosphere.

You see the common techie who is hunched over their laptop. You also may find the group of friends who are casually having a nice chat over a nice brew. You can also see the common white girl in her natural habitat taking photos of her coffee cup. All of the individuals listed are just some of the common occurrences in which you might see at an everyday Starbucks. If you are lucky, you might even stumble across me, the young individual wearing a beanie, listening to music while writing.

The moral of this post is to invite you to take the time to stand apart from reality and watch others, for you never know what you will learn once you step further into the abyss of wallflowerness.

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