Chic yet problematic.

Within this new year, I have made the decision to move into the fast paced city of Toronto. I am a quick subway ride away from school, and my commute to work is easy for it is just around the corner (Not implying I am a prostitute who works the corners…my work is literally around the corner).

My new modern chic condo resides within the heart of the entertainment district. With theatres on every block, film studios down the street, and a little vintage shops on almost every turn, I am in Torontonian bliss.

Unfortunately, With every good thing to enter my life, a disaster follows. In my condo, I live with two roommates: one English fellow about the age of 37 who will be called Brit, and a third year university student who will be referred to as Pinky (He has bright pink hair).

Now these two individuals are fantastic people, and we seem to get along well… but the only problem that arises, is when it is time to sleep. Brit and I have relatively the same schedules for we both work within the area of media and are constantly out late and up early. Pinky on the other hand, falls asleep at the early hour of  around 10 or 11. Now do not get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with falling asleep that early, for it allows you to have a full nights sleep. The only problem with this early snoozer is the fact that he snores like a steamboat being pulled through a factory. Pinky is just about the loudest snorer I have ever come in contact with, for not even multiple blankets wrapped around my head can shield the noise.

The first night I endured this snoring, I ended up leaving my condo within the early hours in the morning, to take a subway (while sill in pyjamas) to a friends place for some much needed sleep. It became my goal to combat this snoring problem, and get some sleep. The next morning, I went out to the store and purchased some earplugs. Looking at the package, I noted that the plugs were designed to withstand noise levels up to .33 decibels, and thinking it was impossible for snoring to surpass that, I made the purchase.

Now I must give the boy credit, for I came to learn that Pinky’s snoring is more powerful than any earplug, forcefield or sorcery. I have run out of options, and am still on the search for a solution.

Moral of the story: I need sleep, and industrial strength plugs.

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