Bring another change.

When making plans for ones own life, we often tend to overlook the facts.

We all like to dream up imaginative and grandiose scenarios in which we hope to achieve, but we often overlook the fact that barriers might be in our way.

Barriers can be seen as not just certain instances inhibiting us from moving forward, for these barriers can also be people in which inhibit us emotionally. Think about relationships: you might have strong feelings for someone, and you may hope to pursue things further; but unfortunately there might be outside factors inhibiting you from doing so.

We must remember that a barrier is just a roadblock. Life is so fluid that literally anything can happen. You might be saddened by a barrier one day, but then find a solution to the problem the next. Fluidity is how we keep ourselves going, and it is how we keep our days fresh and our lives interesting.

We are taught as students to basically align our futures within high-school. We are told to make huge and monumental decisions and are forced to “pick” a life, but unfortunately that may NOT be how our futures roll out. You may find something you are interested in, but how in the hell do you know if that is what you want to spend your life doing!

As I sit here with a glass of wine and a heavy heart, my thoughts go out to anyone who is struggling at this current time. Life is full of let downs and sadness:  it is an un-debatable fact that no one can argue. Just remember that even if you feel pissed off because things are not going how you have planned them, life is fluid and so are you…change is around the corner.

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