Orange is The New Black.

OITNB3Orange is The New Black

Due to my impulse to become involved with more and more fandoms, I fell in love with the Netflix show Orange is The New Black. Due to my blossoming love for the show, I was tasked with creating an ad for the next season of the show. Upon familiarizing myself with the concept, I came up with a perfect idea. The main premise for the season finale is the the audience is fully un-aware if Piper murdered the annoying and violent Pensatucky. What I did, is I took a prime concept for the show and used it for advertising purposes. The process of creating the poster was surprisingly not that difficult. I began the process by holding a photo-shoot with a screw driver until I found a proper image. My biggest task was to change the handle of the screwdriver a shade of orange. With the original item having a red and clear handle, I had to manipulate the colour with a variety of tools including the smudge tool, hue & saturation, and the burn tool.

Overall, I am pleased with the overall turn out of this poster, for I feel it accurately reflects not only the television series, but the original novel as well.

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