Technological Growth & You.

No matter how hard you attempt to dismiss it, the fact remains: The world is growing into a technologically dependent society.Image

Many people are afraid of change (myself included), but some people are just afraid to try something new.
I am going to use my grandparents as an example, for they are adamant on NEVER getting a cellphone. Every time my grandfather sees me with a phone in hand, he immediately says: “For as long as I live, I will never get a cellular phone. I made it 81 years without one, and I will live the rest of my life without one”. (As you can see, my grandfather is not keen on technological growth).

With societies dependency on technology increasing, the question that comes to mind is as follows: Are we ready?

Big name corporations such as Apple and Windows are going head to head with creating the newest software that is easier for human use, but does this promote laziness?

With machines and softwares doing the grunt work of our every day tasks, I feel that the human race is growing lazier by the second. Some may argue that with technological help, they are able to accomplish more tasks within a day, but I believe that we are no longer becoming dependent on our own skills for we rely solely on artificial resources. Think back to 30 years ago, without the use of calculators students were dependent on their own skills to calculate basic arithmetic. If you asked a child within the 1960’s what 1556 multiplied by 0 is, they could answer the question with ease. If you where to ask a student within this generation the same problem, I guarantee that they might get the answer correct, but after verification from a calculator.

No one knows for sure where technology will take us in the near future, but from my perspective we must remain grounded and regularly use our own mental and physical resources rather than the ones that can be purchased for 0.99 cents in the app store.

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