Colour in a world of black and white.

Not many people know this, but I flat-out failed my drivers test. The dreadful part about the whole situation is that it was not the part of the test where you drive… it was the written portion. I know what you’re thinking, “how can this witty white boy fail his drivers test?” Well the answer is simple, because I was stupid and went off of my misguided instincts.

When growing up and dealing with a heartbreak or a pivotal life changing decision, the one piece of advice given to you is “follow your heart”. This statement can be true, but you cannot base your decision off of your instincts alone. Think about how many times you have trusted your gut, yet ended up in the wrong direction. Just this passed weekend, I followed my gut in terms of directions. Witt and I were searching for an address in the city, and we were told it was close to a staples. From living in this city for all these years, I knew where it was… Kind of. I trusted my gut intuition and we began walking west. The address was east.

Instead of making decisions and answering questions directly off of an instinctual basis, think about it.

When I failed that stupid test, I felt like a bumbling idiot. Clearly, you cannot base the rules of the road on purely your own instinct… Rules are in place for a reason. We are blind to the rules when our instincts kick in. Americano and I sat on the patio of a nearby coffee shop today. Studying is only fun when you have someone to distract you…and that is exactly what his job was for the day. Last night marked the first time that many of my close friends got to meet him. We were headed to our friends Kardashian themed party (You read that correctly, and I went as Kris). With two bottles of wine on the go I was able to successfully navigate the evening, and have Americano meet my school chums.

Americano is something new to me. He is this new colour and spark of life that I believe has affected me in a pure and positive manner. Looking back at how I was in the past year, I realize how dark I was. Since the introduction of Americano into my life in July, I have honestly noticed such a positive change. In life, you need those people that bring you happiness, and that is exactly what Americano has done for me.

Life is black and white, it is through these moments of colour that we paint our personal canvas from the imagination. Let life take you away, and do not be so caught up with the world around you.  Sometimes you must let your instinctual urges take over…in business you need to let your inner wolf come out in order to successfully conquer the tasks you are faced with. The same goes for love…nothing is planned out, you must let your instincts be unbound and move with the tides.

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