Love it more than Ramen.

Saturday night and I am laying in bed watching Hocus Pocus and eating Ramen. My life could not get more exciting. The day after Halloween always seems to be in slow motion. When walking down the streets of Toronto, you witness the slow moving hungover business men heading into their offices.

This week I interviewed for a job at a prestigious film company. Walking into the brightly coloured office, I went in with bright hopes and a beating heart nervous for what was to come in the interview process. Feeling relieved after finishing the interview, I left the office feeling confident, and was told that I will receive an answer by the end of the week. Patiently waiting, and nervously checking my email for days, I searched for the laced email. October 31st and  two bottles of wine in, I received the email I had been waiting for.

“Hi there, 

Thank you for applying […] Unfortunately we have decided to go with another candidate.”

This is when my heart sank. To wait for an answer, and then to receive a rejection email really hits hard. When you alert your friends of family of the conclusion, arrives to your they go from telling you that “You are perfect for the Job!”, and that “You are a shoe-in”, to sympathetic responses of “You will get it next time”, and my personal favourite “Everything happens for a reason”.

Of course a rejection email is always hard to receive, but I think that it is through these times of rejection that really push us to move forward to do bigger and better things. There are always going to be difficulties in life, but it is really how you deal with them. If you sit back and mope about not getting the job, then you really are not going to succeed. We are all so individualistic that we think we are perfect for every position we apply to. In retrospect, we may be qualified for a position, but there are hundreds of others just as qualified as you may be.

Putting the bowl of Ramen down and making some tea, I search the cupboard for a box of matches. Unrwrapping the candle that I recently purchased, I strike the match box and set the brand new wick aflame. I find it truly fascinating to watch a candle burn. Watching this solid melt down into a puddle of sweet smelling liquid really is a fascinating thing to watch.

I think in life I am searching for things that I love… in fact, I think we all are. I have found love in a person, I am attempting to find love in myself, and I am now on the hunt to  finding love in a career.

I think there is only really one way that you truly know that you have found something that you love. You must love that thing more than ramen. Obviously Ramen may not be what you equate to love…but that just brings you the opportunity to find your ‘ramen”. Find the pieces of happiness that turn your feelings into love.

In life, find something that you love more than Ramen. It is through these personal loves that we achieve happiness in ourselves, and continue to move forward down the rickety paths of our lives towards our future.

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