New York State of Mind

I wondered why we could not separate, and I wondered why we could not break apart. It could be our disposition, or it could be our inability to purge one another, but It was as if we had dug our own graves yet we were too afraid to be buried alone.

The Parisian

What would happen If I let the wind guide me and I fell deep into the waters? An elderly man was walking along the pier, gazing out into the water. Surely he would save me. I pictured the water piercing my skin, the ice cold current digging thousands of tiny blades in my body.

Fundamentally indifferent

Who was Xavier? The ambiguity played connect the dots with the rain drops as they formed on the window pane. Through fogged covered glass and an autumn palette decorating the landscape, I stare aimlessly into the mid-afternoon sky.

A Story in Three Parts

A human oxymoron, fighting for what I believe in through a shielded gaze and a misconstrued ideology – The epitome of a millennial lifestyle.

A Bullet and A Blade.

When faced with a bullet and a blade, what do you decide? When casualty will be met either way, do we just take the risk?

Salt Water Taffy & Appreciation Of The Mundane

Salt Water Taffy showcases the direction that I have been wanting to take RW for quite some time, lyrical and imbalanced. I hope that it stirs up the same emotions it brought me while writing. Feel free to like, or share.

Reason, a Season, and a Lifetime.

I’ve wrapped myself in this emotional spiderweb, wrapped up by occurrences of the past that I have mentally repressed. Intricately designed and mirrored as a testimony to heritage, I have made myself a bed and am waiting for the incoming attack.

Waiting For Godot.

Everything is red, blood red. The deep hues illuminate the path guiding the way. Through the veil of anonymity, I see the world changing around me. I see the streets in a way I have never understood before. I see art in a light that had never shone on me, for It feels good to…

Short Lessons on a Rainy Day.

Do you need support or just a shoulder to cry on?   While the two seem very similar, they are in fact very different. Support can be seen as an undistilled dose of reality. Reality thrown at you from all angles which will allow you to see through the facade. The opposite (being a shoulder…

Radiant Wording & Bestival Toronto on June 12th!

Feet in the sand, music in your ears and Florence + The Machine performing right before your eyes! Bestival makes its international debut June 12 & 13 at Hanlan’s Point Beach in the Toronto Islands!  On Thursday April 30 at 10AM ET for $69.50 (plus applicable service charges) single day tickets for the festival will be…

Keep it in your pants.

Nothing like a bright and humid summer day spent at the Toronto Rogers centre to make for a lovely evening. Nat and I spent the day watching my cousin play for the Toronto Argonauts. In all honesty, we both know absolutely nothing about Football. Neither of us understand the sport, or even why half naked…

They had corn. Toronto Urban Roots Festival.

TURF. Toronto Urban Roots Festival. I have spent the last two days at such an amazing festival surrounded by brilliant artists. This weekend I stepped away from my Netflix and took Radiant Wording to Fort York Historic Commons for the festival. I was lucky enough to be given media accreditation for Radiant Wording, and a…