Depicting my life through a story…





Within our modern society, we are living in a world surrounded by stories. Whatever situation in which you find yourself in, the good or the bad, these are all stories to share. As I make my evening commute from Ryerson to my homeland, I sit on the subway examining those around me. I see the university students immersed within their iPods that they are no longer within reality, I see homeless people riding the subway to find something to do within the night and attempting to make money, and I see business men and women anxiously waiting for their stops. 

Today on the subway a disheveled man wearing a black cloak entered the train. His hands were dry and peeling with a wide variety of scabs and protrusions and cuts all over. He had wild eyes, and with every movement he made, he matched with a swift flick of his cloak as if it were a wizards cape. I began to formulate a life for this man. Within my own story the man was an individual wise from age. He studied magic and was highly knowledgable on the dark arts. 

I also overheard a story of a young man who was being told by his friend that he ought to get his girlfriend pregnant so he will not get deported….After hearing this, I began to over think what life would be like for his girlfriend. I imagined how his girlfriend would go through the 9 months of pregnancy only to find out that she was impregnated for the purpose of avoiding deportation. She would be crushed  to know that this baby was not made out of love, but made out of fear.

The stories I create usually act as inspiration for some of my creative works. When writing a novel or designing a character, I sometimes base the personalities and scenarios off of interactions within my life. I look at my life as a story, for the ending is uncertain and the plot is constantly evolving. I live my life through the words of James Franco in his novel Actors Anonymous, Franco points out how we are all nothing but characters within the grand scheme of things, and we evolve has the plot thickens.

If you look hard enough you will find stories in anything, for without fiction and imagination or lives would be dull. 



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