One may question many things throughout their lives. It is all part of life to inquire about the certain things that are thrown your way.

I find myself questioning things on a daily basis.

I question the world,

I question myself.

and I question the life that I am currently living.

These doubt’s that actively flow through our minds are just ways for our mental faculties to actually comprehend the world we are attempting to create for ourselves.

These questions arise through nature, the world around us, and the people whom we associate ourselves with.

In my own life, I have recently spoken to a few individuals who have caused me to question.

Maybe it is for the better that we question? Maybe it allows us to step back and analyze our lives as a way to look for a way to create a new and improved you?

It may suck to have our brains be full of questions, but in the long run it might be for the best.

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