Mood Rings.

My mood swings change per hour.

I begin the morning feeling happy and start midmorning feeling sad and then continue through the night feeling ecstatic.

It is an interesting concept to think of that moods may change based on any situation that might just arise.

Moods are a different and intriguing conception. Moods define who we are, and who we will be during a certain period. It is humorous to know that how we act all depends on what mood we are in.

If you are in a bad mood, it is a good guess that you will probably not be attending the party in which you were invited too. If you were in a good mood, you would not miss that for the world.

I have a problem with mood swings myself, but what I have to remember is to not let them define who I am and the people around me.

If only I had a mood ring to accurately illustrate to people how I am feeling within that specific moment.

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