Life in Pain([t] Tiles).

My life is basically an endless abyss of procrastination.

I attempt to study, but am immediately drawn back into the black hole that is Tumblr or Netflix.

As I make an attempt at writing, I also switch the television onto the handy dandy Women’s Network for a few movies. (Yes, I am well aware that I am male, and yes I understand that the Women’s network is set for females…they have good movies).

It always turns out that when I am feeling rather sad, or somewhat depressed, I will submerge myself into sad songs or somber films. It is rather irritating that as humans we have the tendency to cling to things that feel our moods. This explains why we gravitate towards somber songs when we are feeling bleak. I guess that watching a gloomy film is like having our feelings brought onto a bigger screen, it allows us to immerse within our pain in a healthy manner.

Seeing the films arrive at a happy denouement not only boosts up our mood, but brightens our spirits.

It is like looking at paint tiles. There are so many too choose from, but whatever mood we feel, it influences which paint tiles we go to.

To be perfectly honest with you, I have absolutely no idea as to what I am trying to point out here…

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