Idealistic Im-properties.

As I drive down the highway on a Friday night, listening to the endless top 40 remixes on the radio; I began to think about the passing nights events.

I learned a couple of things tonight: I learned that I am insanely awkward when placed into social situations, and that not everything is what it is imagined to be.

I will spare you the details of my night, but I want to instil a thought provoking insight into all of your minds.

Is it wrong to create idealistic scenarios that leave others incapable of living up too?

Sometimes when you want something, the overall perception you created about this said scenario is not what it is cracked up to be. Think about this in terms of The Great Gatsby. Gatsby created this ideal image of Daisy, that built up to utmost perfection over the years. When reunited with Daisy, Gatsby was crushed when she did not attain that level of perfection and was deemed more as a bitch.

When one creates ideal images, it often makes the real scenario be deemed unsatisfactory and dull.

Driving down the long narrow lines of the QEW I think about all that I thought I imagined that tonight would be, and I soon realized that not everything can live up to the dreams we create.

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