It takes courage to be courageous.

Coming to the end of a chapter within your life can be a difficult barrier to cross.

When we cross and break through this blockade, we move on to our freedom. As humans we have seen: the blacks moving forward to freedom and liberation, we have seen the gays move towards equality, and we have seen the barriers of male patriarchal societies slowly leaning towards feministic ways; of course these are deemed as HUGE monumental changes.

I am looking at the tiny colossal changes (enjoy the use of the oxymoron) within ones own life, the small victories. These victories could range from: escaping from a terrible relationship, to graduating high school or university, or even getting that haircut you have always wanted but where to afraid to have.

Of course these small little victories may seem minute in proportion when placed beside the large accomplishments above; but who is to say that these are not monumental changes?

I feel that as people we are all so focussed on the big changes within the world, that we forget to pay any attention to life’s smaller triumphs.
Do not get me wrong, I am all for saving the environment and recycling (Think Green!!!), as well as all the changes within our government or societies, but I feel as if we should celebrate our own personal victories.

When you begin to analyze your life in a positive manner, positive experiences quickly follow behind. Say that you where in an abusive relationship and one day you stand up and bound your courage together and end this toxic relationship, by doing so you are now celebrating a small victory! From this moment of empowerment you feel as if you are on top of the world! You feel as if the world is at your fingertips, and you can accomplish anything.

For all my readers, I will leave you with a little dare as an afterthought: I dare all of you to do one thing a day that takes courage to do. Go sky diving, try a new cuisine, adopt an animal! Take that courage and place it into constructive aspect of your life, and I promise you that everything will be much brighter in the long run.

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