Shoe Shopping.

Is romance dead? What happened to asking people out on a date, or actually getting to know someone. Now all we have to do to get to know someone is swipe right for yes, and swipe left for no.

It seems as if our culture has taken a turn from the conventional relationships, and moving straight forward to the hookup.

I mean, it is quite saddening to know that the youth of today might never experience the love felt between couples of the 50’s, but does that even matter anymore?

Half the relationships in the 50’s were hanging on a limb for most of the couples would rather kill themselves just to get out of their marriage.

Maybe this superficial way of looking at things is a new frontier. Dating has become something along the lines of purchasing a new bag, or a new pair of shoes…you have a few options, but then you decide.

Sure that idea sounds great on paper, but when you really put the plan into reality, is it ideal? No.

According to Red, it takes a year to get over somebody. Yet in only one single second, someone can make the quick shift from perfection to asshole.

Moving on seems like something in which I aspire to do, but have not yet done.

I am now faced with the difficult task of being stuck between two great people: Hamlet, and The Poet. I am hung up on both and I have no idea where to go. This is the main problem with trying on “shoes”, you soon begin to fall for multiple pairs. Why can’t we just move down the old fashion route and stick to one.

I am frankly quite tired of receiving messages beginning with “Hey sexy”, or “You looking for some head?”. I am at the point where I end up going on a rant to these individuals about the importance of grammar and manners. Along the line of the millennial decade, when did chivalry die? was it in the rise of parachute pants?

Being said, be careful when shoe shopping. If you are looking for just one purchase, make the decision swiftly and quickly.

Note: I apologize for equating dating to shoes..probably violates some human rights code.

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  1. I hate dating and I hate shoes–I prefer to be barefoot… I also frequently prefer to be alone, so maybe there is a connection there…?

    1. kyemack says:

      That was honestly one of the best responses I have received. I admire your outlook! all the best!

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