To go the distance, or to stay local.

Relationships are difficult enough to do, but when you add distance into the equation, a whole new web of problems seem to arise. Long distance relationships are an intriguing idea that I have been toying back and forth  with for the past little while. With Hamlet on my mind, I am wondering if a lost distance relationship would be able to work between us, but is that really what I want? Do I want to go the distance, or do I want to keep my relationships local.

The last time I engaged in a long distance relationship, it did not end particularly well. Being cheated on by my partner twice, you would think that I would not go back…but as idiocy would have it, I did. The fact that I am even remotely considering this at the moment is definitely a step in a new direction, and I frankly feel quite lost with my decision.

With Hamlet, it seems as if I have seen the light again. I have finally regained the happiness that I have lost over the past view months, and have finally found someone who once again wishes me a goodnight, and sends a smile across my face. The one question on my mind is how could this relationship work? With many miles in between us, it would require a large amount of handwork in order to achieve a successful relationship, and to be honest I am quite scared.

My good friend Wiens has been in a long distance relationship for quite some time now and for her, it seems to work flawlessly. When asked, Wiens described her relationship by saying:

“Before the relationship began, we started simply by hooking up at parties. He was not really looking for a relationship, and wasn’t ready to settle down. By the time he went to University, and I saw him again, something was different. He had now grown up and realized he wanted and that we actually had real feelings for each other  I did not want a long distance relationship by any means, but he just made me laugh and made me feel special more than anyone else in the world. Of course I had fears at the beginning when he would go to parties, for I was scared that he would end up getting drunk and hook up with some girl either by accident or by drunk carelessness but that faded after a few months. The distance really sucks…like really sucks, and I miss him immensely, and the thought of doing this for another two years breaks my heart but in the end, it is10000% worth it.”

After the little pep talk from Wiens, I grew more and more intrigued by the idea of a long distance relationship. Of course the fear of infidelity burns brightly into my mind, but as the trust grows and the relationship becomes stronger, the fear will begin to fade. Hamlet is an amazing guy, and it is quite crazy that I have found myself growing so attached to someone that is so many miles away. I think Hamlet came into my life for a reason, and whatever the reason may be he has pulled me out of the darkness I was sinking deep into.

Love is challenging, and finding someone who you are comfortable with is even harder. If you find yourself wanting a relationship with someone incredibly far away, do not shy from the idea…for the farthest relationships can be the strongest.

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