Consulting the stars.

Are people brought into our lives for a reason, or is everything purely a fluke?

When you are walking down the street, you bump into a person that you haven’t seen in a while. Coincidence, or fate?

Texting that same person only to seconds later run into them. Coincidence, or fate?

Whatever your belief on the topic might be, I am beginning to think that it is not a coincidence that these individuals continuously pop into our lives. Is their entrance for romantic purposes, or do they serve another function?

In my life, there is currently a person…lets call him Siren, who I have ran into by accident not once, but twice. I am not sure if I am just looking too closely into this encounter, but I feel that there must be some cosmic purpose that has orchestrated it all.

I am not usually one to believe in fate for we all are technically in control of our own lives, but I am beginning to see things differently.

Fate to me seems kind of like a crutch people fall onto to explain the unexplainable ( kind of like hope, religion, or alcohol), yet we all are so consumed with the idea that our lives our cosmically planned out for us.

In regards to my current situation, I am still deciding if these brief encounters serve a purpose on the grander scale. I just find it rather peculiar that we never ran into each other previously when we were both in relationships, but now that we are both single we seem to be running into each other continuously.

Whatever the reasoning might be, fate or luck…If it happens again, I am consulting a psychic.

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