The selfie generation.

Tired and restless from my night of being woken up by Pinky’s snoring, I sit and stare blankly at the black board within my Media Writing lecture. Pulling out my phone, I begin to seek entertainment through my Instagram feed. As the app begins to load, I am overwhelmed with  the amount of selfies that begin to pour out onto my Instagram feed. Selfie after selfie, I scroll past the endless abyss of duck faces and over filtered images tagged #nofilter.

Withinn our technological generation we all strive towards the common (and tedious) goal of taking the perfect selfie. It may seem fully self-absorbed to spend such a long time searching for a fabulous photo of yourself, but it is actually rather important because this photo will be representing your sense of self on many social media platforms.

It is really hard for me to admit, but I definitely selfie a good 10 times a day. From Snapchat to Instagram, we are all on the search for a photo that better shows off what we have to offer. In all honesty it is rather difficult to attain the “perfect photo”, for there are many factors to take into consideration: You have to look at the lighting, the contrast and then the filter. It is within these tiny details that selfying becomes such an aggravating task.

When looking for a selfie, I always go through the process of taking a shit ton of photos until finally deciding upon “the one”. The best part of this step is that after analyzing the photo for a good 20 minutes, I soon begin to hate it. When thinking about the selfies of the past,  I really am thankful of this generations technological advantages. Within the 1800’s, the self absorbed aristocrats posed for hours upon hours waiting for their selfie to be completed. Imagine waiting an hour just to look at the photo and then realizing that your lighting is all wrong.

When interacting on social media, try to limit your selfie posting. There is honestly nothing more aggravating then scrolling through someone’s profile just to see that it is an endless scroll of self-love. My advice to you? try to mix it up a bit…for instead of practicing your duck face (or crow face considering it is “all the rage”), take your camera or phone out into the city and capture something truly captivating.

And most of all, always remember that just because your phone is equipped with a camera, it does not necessarily make you a photographer.

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