Temporal flux and the hands of a clock.

As young people in a modern world, we witness our lives undergo a constant flux of changes. What you must remember is that the life you may have grown accustomed to today may not be the reality of your tomorrow. With all these constant changes in ones own life, how is it possible to carry on without the fear of heartbreak and sadness?

The answer is really simple: We just do. It sounds rather implausible to believe that we just have to continue moving forward within our lives without dwelling on the past, but in order to move forward it has to happen. Being stuck in a time warp replaying moments of your past is painful to undergo. Broadcasting visions of happier times before your eyes can be painful within the long run for it holds you back from moving forward.

Within my current situation regarding “Him”, I have found myself fixed in a new position: a friend. I must admit, it is difficult to shift emotions from a romantic interest to a friend, but it is something that must be done. When I place the situation on a broader spectrum, I realize that I value “Him” to such a high degree, that I can not bear to simply let him go. I have established a bond with him over the past few months, and it is something I am not willing to sacrifice over a heartbreak. Of course I will miss being held at night and having late night make out sessions, but these are just minor and superficial changes in which I have to deal with. Sure a situation did not work out as I had mentally planned, but that does not mean it is the end of the world. The future is an open environment where anything can happen, so why waste the time pre-planning for situations that do not exist? Within this friendship I plan to live on a whim and let life guide me, for it was these pre-made expectations that brought my downfall.

As people within this world we have two options: we can cope with our problems, or we can dwell on our sadness; And I must say coping is definitely the better option. There is positively no use in getting riled up in hatred over a fallen relationship, for the hands of a clock will always continue ticking as the time moves forward.

It is impossible to live in this world stuck within a flux of constant agony. Deal with your problems head on, for it is the only way to overcome your barriers.

Ps. this title has zero correlation to this post.

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