Morning sun and heavy inhalation.

As the morning sun begins to rise over the city, I wake up within the early morning hours to get ready for school. I brush my teeth and attempt to look remotely presentable for the day a head of me, yet I cannot shake this gut wrenching feeling out of my stomach.

It is quite unfortunate occurance, for the moment in which I start to finally feel “O.K.”, this heavy funk is brought over me and I am left helpless. In my opinion, mental health is probably one of the most difficult things to maintain, for no matter how hard you try to rid yourself of your problems, they will almost certainly come back.

Your vision begin to fog over, and your breath becomes heavy with every inhalation. You attempt breath… to exhale, but the air around you has become so thick that you gasp for fresh air. Your stomach tightens and you feel as if your insides have popped, and you wait for this slow and inherent death.The struggle for oxygen leaves you frantic as your thoughts begin to race and your brain attempts to regain control of your body. This is anxiety.

What is the issue that I am facing? Why is it that this feeling rushes over me and fails to leave? Whatever the reasoning may be, I know that action needs to be taken. As I begin my search of self, I find myself dreaming for a future of freedom. A future of not only happiness, but a sense of a contentment.

The only aspects keeping me afloat through this difficult time is my mother, my friends, and my writing. Through them I feel empowered and strengthened through the love and compassion in which they have shown me.

My message for you is as follows: Many people in your life may be considered toxic and unworthy, yet you must know that you are by no obligation stuck with them for life. My suggestion is to speak to these individuals about your feelings and see what they have to say. If all fails,  you must make some difficult decisions and rethink your surroundings; for no one can really help you but yourself.

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