Perils of the iPhone: Part II

When I last explained my blacked out drunken night of bad decisions, I also explained the unlikely situation in which I underwent with my iPhone.  After losing the beloved device, and being forced to shell out $675 to not only purchase a new phone, but to also get an early start to bankruptcy. I must admit, I have been enjoying my new iPhone 5C. I thought that I would hate the fact that the phone has an added colour other than black, but I have grown to like this new device. Of course, when something begins to go well in my life, something bad must occur. It was not this passed Wednesday did I begin to notice that the iPhone screen has become incredibly loose, and is constantly popped back into place.

I am honestly not sure why, but I have had awful luck with the iPhone 5. The 5 was not my first experience within the land of iPhones, for I had the iPhone 4 for three years and faced zero problems. With the iPhone 5, I have gone through four since I purchased the first one in April of 2013. For any mathematicians out there (myself not included) that is four phones within nine months. When looking at the total I have spent on phones, I estimate that I have spent well over $1000 on a stupid communication device!

The fact is that I need a phone, I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I am positively addicted to this awful device, and I probably have the phone within my hands a good 80% of the day.

Lucky for me I decided to be smart with this phone and purchased  the overpriced Apple Care. With Apple Care I apple will apparently provide me with with a handset replacement in case of an accident free of charge…I think.

Now all I have left to do is pray that once I get another iPhone tomorrow it will hopefully last longer than two weeks. Yes, it has been two weeks since I purchased the 5C.

Eff it all. How about instead of buying into this market of corporate consumerism, how about we all just invest in messenger owls for it seemed to work quite nicely within Harry Potter.

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