Stress leads to early alcoholism and grey hair.

Stress management has become something within my life that is growing to be quite difficult to handle. It seems as if this is a unified problem in which people my age are actively facing, yet we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

Stress can be bought on by a variety of factors such as not having enough time, or taking on too much at any given moment. Ultimately, the biggest cause of our stress is all brought on from Procrastination.

For example, today I was faced with the tedious tasks of having three midterms and one assignment due. Now a studious student would have spent the night cramming for these exams hoping to attain a good mark, but what did I do? I walked down to the pharmacy and purchased a box of hair dye and proceeded to colour my hair. Truly an adequate way to spend my evening.

I cannot really complain about stress because it is usually brought on by my own doing. Stressors are all around us and they are taking the form of certain experiences within our lives that bring us an overwhelming sense of anxiety and insanity that eventually leads to a breakdown.

Being said, stress is inevitable and unfortunately we can never live our lives without it. The one thing you must remember is that in order to maintain some form of a healthy lifestyle, you must find ways to de-stress! De-stressing seems to be a very easy task, but coincidentally it is not. De-stressing can come in various forms: some people take up hobbies, others exercise (release those endorphins), hell, some even masterbate! (too much information?). Whatever option you choose, always make sure to find your de-stressor for without de-stressing you just might end up looking like one of those gray haired politicians at the young age of 20.

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