Trains, vanity, and Greek Gods.

Seated in seat 10A of the Via Rail train, I am on my way to the small town of Kingston for a well deserved vacation. As I took too my ipad writing down my thoughts, I glanced up and noticed this Greek god of hipsters enter the train. Making eye contact, I attempted to make myself look at least moderately presentable. Watching this bearded undercut having guy sit down, I began to ogle in the beauty seated in the seat in front if me. As I mentally prepared myself to make some sort of small talk, his boyfriend entered the train. Cock block initiated.

I am not sure why, but it seems as if there are very few single people left within this big city. As I have written previously, people are all so preoccupied with this image of perfection that we have ideally created that we are left in a relationship funk. You would think that within a city filled with hundreds if people, you might find at least one person who fulfills your needs… Nope.
Why is it that these Greek gods of human beings are always in relationships, yet people who are still attractive find no one. Looking at my group of friends, I would like to say that we are all desirable beings, yet we have not found anyone other than douche bags or assholes.

Maybe it is this delusional images of perfection that we see upon every runway or magazine article that has warped our perspective on natural beauty. It now seems that the average man is looking for the 20 something 6 foot woman with a body like a toothpick rather than a 5’11 normal sized woman. It is very difficult to actually find someone now a days that really thinks true beauty is desirable.

In terms of journalistic research, I have found myself on multiple dates over the past month. Through this research based outing, I realized that I have gone out with people of all different looks. And no matter what, I wasn’t seemingly happy because it was not the person I ideally want to be with.

As I sit in this train cart for the next two hours, I am left to aimlessly stare at this perfect couple seated a few rows down. In the meantime, it I’ll just be seated beside this child.

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