2+2-1= ?

In a town small enough to cover only a portion of Toronto, I found myself having one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Catching up with two of my best friends, and meeting their new friends created a weekend to remember…well to attempt to remember.
From various bro-ey keggers to late night pizza runs, Queens never failed to let me down.

Last night as my friends returned to their dorm room to study, I found myself at a local Starbucks waiting for a boy by the name of Polo to meet me. We spent the evening walking by the lake and talking to one another. Now I do not know if alarms should have gone off, but once being invited back to his place, I did not protest. This is an experience I have never done before, for I never wanted to be seen as just simply a hookup. This evening mostly resulted out of the journalistic urges to get a look into someone else’s brain.

Maybe it is because we are all inherently lonely, but meeting up with is actually quite liberating. The question that bears to mind is this, are we too old for this easy flowing lifestyle? It seems as if relationships these days are seen as more physical than in terms of connection based. At parties or through various apps, we attempt to meet people and hope for the best. Loneliness often gets the best of us, for we crave this sense of human affection that our decision making skills sometimes warp.

Am I too naive to believe that chilvary is dead? After a date, is it a necessary requirement that one must go to the others apartment? No. When you go through with this act, they’re are always mere technicalities in which occur: A drink is sometimes offered, a movie is often put on as a way to break the awkward tension and make the first move.

Whatever your intentions may be, only go through with something if you are fully comfortable in doing so. You would never want to be placed in any situation where you are too far out of your comfort zone.

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