Stumped by a four letter word.

What exactly is love? Is it an agonizing pain rooted deep within your chest, or immense butterflies accompanied with extreme admiration… Or both.
Throughout my life, I have witnessed many successful relationships begin and a large amount of these relationships end. Within my love life, I may find myself experiencing an extreme admiration for that person, but is it love? I don’t know.
Love is something in which we all are hoping to achieve, but how do we find it if we do not yet know what it is?

I was determined to find a definition that somehow corresponds to the actual feelings and emotions that love creates. I asked my dear friend Raq what love meant to her. Never having been in love herself, she found it difficult to answer the question. Raq brought up the example of her grandparents and that no matter what they underwent, their bond could not be broken through life or through death. Looking for further definitions, I called Nat. Being stumped by the question, she defined love as an emotion that trumps any other. Still on the search for the perfect explanation, I looked for a mans opinion and called my friend J. He defined love as many emotions in one. Within love, you are scared, selfish, and in awe of the other person. You always want to be with them and to talk to them, and to always have them at your side.

Throughout my investigative process, there were three words that I heard each time: I don’t know.
That is exactly the point, none of us know what love is, we just..feel it.

There is no purpose in searching for the definition of love, for there is really no single definition. Love is an ever changing emotion that can cause even the most sane of oeople to do some crazy things, but when thinking of love, the three words best define it: I don’t know.

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