Love Insurance not included.

The swift glide of the pen over the lines as I begin to write. Today I put away the typewriter and picked up the pen; it is a real shame how dreadful my penmanship has become over the years of my sole reliance on technology.

As another Valentine Day has come and gone, the search for love still remains for Toronto’ unattached civilians. While Valentines Day may be about the price jump of florists, and how my over indulgence in chocolate will go straight to my ass, but all in all the day still marks the search for love.
Through the search of love, should you purchase Love Insurance? This precautionary measure is what may prevent your heart from being torn into such a wreck that you are left with nothing but the regret of wanting coverage.

Romantic love is based on ones positive appraisal of their partner. This appraisal is an individual analysis based on compatibility. Quite often we search for solely objective appraisal of our partners without looking at a subjective side. Subjective or not, how do we know that the love is real? real of unreal…this is the question.

Witt and I have been off of the search for love for we both are happily found, but what about Nat? Her love for a particular individual has been tainted by landmasses, and her thirst for something incomplete has been left unquenchable. This love for someone so physically unattainable has her stuck in this romantic purgatory where she is left waiting for an inch of emotion to decipher the unknown.

This all goes back to what is unsaid: Is this love merely an overwatered infatuation, or is it something more? We try to rely on our senses, but sometimes even the most reliable of eyes can be blinded. You can only hide the facts for so long…but the truth is an axe, and you will be the unexpecting victim unless you search for answers yourself.

These answers can be found easily by saying the questions out loud. There will never be a solution if we are taking part in being the problem. We cannot pretend that our lovers contain some sort of ability that allows them to understand our thoughts. The questions that we have are challenges meant to be said; questions are meant to have answers.

“Fair is foul and foul is fair” these infamous words said to Macbeth really describe our romantic lives. What is beautiful can turn ugly, but what me be a challenge… an “ugliness” if you will, just might end up being the beauty you need.

What Nat needs is answers…she (like anyone else) is searching for a reason to pursue this distance. All this silent waiting is like watching a film with no ending…you can journey through a whole story yet be left with no resolution of the denouement.

This chapter of her life is what I like to call the Waiting Game. The game is a challenge, but this does not mean that you cannot fast tract the inevitable. You can speed up the process by being aware.

Love insurance can save your soul from an accident, but the cost may be pricey. If insurance is not an option, stick by the people you love…even though all your pieces may be lost, they will always be there to pick up the fragments and put them back together.

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