Romanticizing the hookup app.

When living in a city filled with singles,  it seems like it would be rather simple to get a date, but is this true?…No.

It seems that many people have drifted away from the conventional forms of meeting others, and have moved into the world of online dating and or hookups. With the use of location based apps such as Grindr (for the gays) or Tinder (for…everyone else), we judge others based on their profile photo, and decide whether or not to strike up a conversation with them. Think about when you are a grandparent explaining your love history to your grandkids: The story will not sound half as romantic when it starts with “I met grandma on a site for hot singles looking for hookups”.

The purpose of these apps are for hookups. I do not care if you say you are “just browsing” or “just having fun”, these apps were created to hook up. People seem to be attempting to romanticize the common hook up app, it is like these apps are no longer used for their real purpose, rather than for the use of entertainment.

In my opinion I do not really see the allure of these apps, in fact I find them rather creepy! Over the 2 days in which I have had the app, I have received countless messages from people aged 50+ looking for a good time. If you are over 50 and looking for a good time you should check your senior home’s activity itinerary rather than hitting on the youth using technology.

Now I understand that this all might seem purely opinion based, for I know that somewhere in this world, someone probably has had a successful relationship off of one of these apps, but the odds are unlikely.

In truth, how can you possibly know who you are speaking with? after browsing some profiles, I noticed photos of two british models and one of the guys from the Real World. Clearly these profiles are fake.

In all honesty, I joined the apps because of “him”. He and I were talking about them, and I grew more and more intrigued with the ever growing world of dating apps. I am not sure how I feel about seeing “him” on this app…but it is not like I can control his decisions for him.

In closing, if you are a member of one of these apps please be careful. I would hate to see a dateline special revolving around your “hookup app” experience.

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