One scent for a story.

Do you know the feeling where you you breathe in, and recognize a certain scent that is in the air? I do not know what this is or how it is done, but your brain recalls this scent and takes you back to a moment within your life where you first came in contact with this fragrance. These scents can be anything, for they all tell a story. You can remember the smell of the perfume that your mother used to wear, you can recall the smell of a coffee beans in which remind you of a hometown coffee shop.

Our ability to detect and recall certain scents is beyond my mind. For example, when I was in ninth grade my cat placed a dead mouse in my backpack. I did not find this mouse until a week later, and by that time the stench was overpowering. Now, whenever I walk into a building I can immediately detect if there is a mouse problem because of my interaction with this dead rodent.

These scents can honestly transport you back years, for they can even remind you of certain people. As I sat at the table in a local bar with Witt and Nat, I could not help but catch a familiar scene radiating off my scarf. This scent was created after having my scarf washed by someone I care about. By the use of the same detergent, I now relate my scarf to “Him”.

It is these small linking factors that can make something in which seems ordinary actually have a purpose. It might sound peculiar, but one of my favourite smells is the scent of my cat. If I could bottle that scent and spray it on everything, I would not hesitate to do so. The smell reminds me of home, for it creates a sense of atmosphere and comfort for me.

Our memories are not just associated with imagery. Take the time to remember with your nose and you will find yourself lost within the memories.

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