Work, bars, more work & then wine.

Day three in suburbia and I have found myself undoubtedly dying from boredom. I need some sort of thrill in my life as a way to bring some manifestation of excitement. It seems as if we have all moved forward in our lives of the suburban, for we have all attained some form of summer work that we are attempting to make some sort of pocket change/rent money.

Visiting Nat at her job at the local burrito franchise was actually a rather humorous experience. Considering Nat is the mother of our group, Nat will be the one actually making me eat over the course of the year. It was quite humorous to get a taste of what the culinary dishes of the new year have to offer with her making a burrito for me. Now Witt seems to be suffering further for she is stuck in the suburbia of a smaller and farther town. In terms of working, Witt has been recently informed that she will be spending the summer working at a chip factory. A chip factory. When Witt alerted me of this “good” news, all I pictured was little Witt wearing a small white cap and an apron bagging salt and vinegar chips at the Frito Lay factory.

While the girls are hard at working in the food industry, I am attempting to be keep busy while working for an English clothing company. So far, my summer is going to consist of the following: work, bars, concerts, more work, and wine. There is my summer wrapped up into 5 little words.

With a glass of zinfandel by my side, I catch up on the latest two episodes of Glee. Watching Rachel Berry succeed on the Broadway stage has left me undoubtedly saddened and thinking about how much I miss the theatre. The thrill of standing on a stage being watched by hundreds of eyes, the sound of the orchestra rising in volume as you begin your opening number. There is just so much to love that I posses for the theatre, and to find myself not participating in what used to provide me with thrill is rather saddening.

For the past 10 years I have not only studied at a Dramatic arts school, but I have performed in a variety of musicals and plays that have provided me with a large sense of fulfilment.

There is so much that I gave up and frankly forgot about this year that I have began to miss now that I am back in suburbia. With a darker hairdo and a different look, I find myself at bars and cafes attempting not to be recognized by the people of my past. Pretentious? yes, but I just do not know how to interact with people who are expecting to find the old me within our conversation.

I think what people in high school get too caught up on the social aspect. You are surrounded by the same people for four years, and it is not like university where you are able to meet other people closer in relation to your interests.

Now that we are all separated, it feels incredibly odd attempting to go back. Whether I go back or not, I find myself in the meantime sitting here with my wine.

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