The Judas kiss – The touch of betrayal, the caress of a liar.

A Commuters Past

The fact was this: people don’t change, they become stealthier at hiding their true selves. A cloak of decadent and distracting colors if you will.

A Bullet and A Blade.

When faced with a bullet and a blade, what do you decide? When casualty will be met either way, do we just take the risk?

Lessons From The Past & Celestial Beings Pt. II

As we move out of the naivety that comes with romance, we often excuse behavior as means to compensate for something missing; both lack of experience and a deficit in understanding. It can be said that we are to live life blindly until we bank up enough experiences to actively learn.

It’s Pessimism Charlie Brown!

I shake myself out of the dream. I find myself staring blankly at the runway, watching the show as if in slow motion — A dream-like state that keeps me from actively experiencing the world around me. Hair braided back and adorned in an oversized coat, I am stuck in an REM mindset.

Singles Anonymous.

In an environment where the word love is actively incorporated into my vocabulary, I feel as if I have lost sight of what the word actually means. I ask myself, how does love develop?

Walking Forward & Not Looking Back.

Is romance like jury duty? Waiting around for a grand ruling, the ultimate fate is held in the hands of unbiased opinion – The epitome of what it is like to be in the early stages of a relationship.

Waiting For Godot.

Everything is red, blood red. The deep hues illuminate the path guiding the way. Through the veil of anonymity, I see the world changing around me. I see the streets in a way I have never understood before. I see art in a light that had never shone on me, for It feels good to…

Strategic Thinking & A Big Personality.

Sitting cross-legged on my couch, laptop on my lap and textbooks skewed around me,I begin to write my final essay for my Philosophy of Love and Sex class. Surrounded by nearly a dozen empty Starbucks cups, I attempt to sort through my views on the concept of Romantic Love. Irving Singer, a tiny, seemingly materialistic philosopher…

The secret of being a bore.

I am quite literally alone in the suburbs. It is seriously agonizing seeing as there’s absolutely no one to go get a drink with in the mid afternoon. Everyone seems to be either in their homeland, back at school or at their jobs. What am I doing during this time? Writing and drinking. As the…

Keep it in your pants.

Nothing like a bright and humid summer day spent at the Toronto Rogers centre to make for a lovely evening. Nat and I spent the day watching my cousin play for the Toronto Argonauts. In all honesty, we both know absolutely nothing about Football. Neither of us understand the sport, or even why half naked…