Listen with your eyes.

Listen with your eyes and you will hear all.

Within our young lives we are given plenty of opportunities to listen; but it is not until we learn to see with our eyes that we are opened to the truth. A train in which we are all capable of, yet very few have is the ability to intake information within an auditory fashion. We can listen to stories all we want, but without analyzing any situation visually, how are we able to know if what we are being told is true?

By opening our eyes and taking in our surroundings we can sum up the situation and analyze potential clues that might unveil a lie, For example: If you find a pair of undergarments on the floor of your partners room that are neither yours or theirs, it is fair to believe that you have been cheated on.  Of course, your partner might tell you something different, and  you can either forgive them and forget the situation ever happened or rely on what you have seen.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to accept what we see for it might not idyllically be what we want. We are often blinded by certain inhibiting factors that prevent us from listening with our eyes, but it is not until we relinquish these blockages that we are open to the truth around us.

Within my current situation I am constantly told varying versions of the same story. From this,  I have two options: I can believe what is being told to me, or I can believe what is so blatantly in front of my eyes and act accordingly. The funny thing about observance is that you might pick up on things people may not think you know. It is a well known fact that people tend to be sloppy when covering up their own messes when they believe no one is watched, yet with an active mind and wandering eyes a lot can be told.

Whatever your situation may be, act as an everyday Sherlock Holmes; for without proper induction and deduction, you never  know how much of what you have been told is a lie.


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