In search of the Trifecta.


Tying my hair quickly in a bun, I began searching through documents in pursuit of one specific piece of paper that holds the secrets of my past. As I rummage through numerous documents, my mind begins racing with fear and the thought of all the repercussions that I might face. Dismissing the fears, it is at this moment that I realize that the rewards will soon outweigh the cons.

In life we all are in search of something…be it success, fame, or love. If we are lucky we find a way to combine all three into one harmonious trifecta we are undeniably invincible. The problem with this search is that there will always be obstacles standing in our way. Nothing in life comes easy, but with the proper amount of determination and guts you can achieve anything.

For the last ten years of my life, I have been living in fear of the repercussions that will occur from my own actions; and it was not until this year that I realized that you must never let the fear blind you from moving forward. The situation I am currently facing has only two possible outcomes: I can burn a bridge with a certain individual thereby breaking all ties with the fallen in order to seek further conquests and reap the rewards, or I can turn the other way and search for alternative paths. It may sound incredibly difficult, but sometimes you must make decisions for yourself without letting anyone get in your way.

I am facing a situation that will not only break my heart but will burn a relationship to such a degree, that there will be no way to reconnect. Speaking to Lilly, she attempted to help me weigh the pros and cons of the situation, and without going to far into detail I still find myself incredibly confused about what course of action to take.

When making a life altering decision, you must make sure to take all parties into account. You must consider what you will be leaving behind and who you will be hurting. Take this story into consideration: Say you were dating someone who was abusive, you can either stay in the relationship and undergo the beatings, or you can take the plunge and leave. Sure you will be burning any ties with your partner, but you will be moving on to even better conquests.

The search for the trifecta is on, and you must never give up on your mission to conquer. You must remember that getting what you want always comes with  a price, and you need to make sure that it is one that you can pay.

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