Blonde roots and Rebellion.


After taking a leisurely bike ride to the lake, I parked my bike and sat down on a stone facing the water. With Passion Pitt playing through my ear buds, I watch the sun fade on the horizon. The great thing about the lake is how calm and serene the atmosphere is. With seven ducks swimming by and seagulls cawing in the distance, I watch the boats dock into the marina.

For the past couple days I have been dealing with this concept of rebellion. According to my parents, I have become someone I never was. Apparently with new clothing, new piercings, and new hair, I am considered someone new. How incredibly terrible this might be to my parents, I cannot express how fantastic it is to be seen as anew. I am no longer the person I was when I left the suburbs, for I have definitely changed for the better.

Sometimes you need to learn to make decisions for yourself without listening to anyone else. Above all, you and only you truly know what is the best. Sure your view might be clouded for a bit, but you will eventually come to realize the truth. In order to live a successful life, you need to learn to be happy for you and only you. A couple of my close friends have yet to relinquish their judgement ties with their parents, for they still have many of their choices governed by their family.

In order to grow and ACTUALLY evolve as a person, you need to break the decisions made for you by your parents, advisors and even friends. Go find yourself and figure out what you what for yourself.

I have recently broken my tendencies to rely on others to make plans with me in order to have fun. In reality, my return to the suburbs has been a tad harder than expected for I have a limited number of friends in the outskirts, and have not yet found a relationship. Instead of dwelling on my loneliness and binge watching Gossip Girl, I decided to do something for myself for a change, and create my own fun.

Some may not approve of my alcohol tendencies, recent tobacco intake, or even my newly blonde hair, but those decisions are not really theirs to decide.

Make up your own mind and screw the rest. Figure out things for yourself, It’s your life so decide what you want.

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